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Tony Evans Shares Blessing In Wife’s Cancer Diagnosis

A few short weeks after pastor Tony Evans asked people to pray for his wife Lois to be healed from cancer, he is sharing some blessings that the family has experienced in the midst of their trials.

The leader of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas took to social media to thank people for their prayers and support before counting his blessings.

“Despite the doctor’s serious diagnosis, Lois is currently in no pain. We are actively in and out of doctor’s offices as we pursue both conventional and alternative paths,” Evans shared on Instagram. “We are spending a lot of time in waiting rooms these days and we are seeing the blessing available to us even in the middle of this challenge.”

He spoke about some of those gifts in details including the gift of time.

“We have time. The gift of additional time with family,” Evans revealed. “The gift of uninterrupted time to meditate on God’s Word. The gift of time to talk to God and hear Him talk to us.”

The family is using this health battle as an opportunity to draw closer to God.

“We have the opportunity — and we do view this health crisis as an opportunity — to tune in to God at a new level. When there’s a storm, you tune in to whoever has the information on what you need to do in the midst of bad weather,” he wrote. “You turn on the radio, flip on the TV, or scroll through social media to get the information you need to stay informed and to stay safely out of harm’s way. Since our situation is probably the most difficult storm we have ever faced, in the same way, we choose to pay attention to God’s voice.”


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