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Pastor Touré Roberts Talks Handling Haters


Pastor Touré Roberts is giving us a lesson to help us navigate how to handle haters.

“There are so many things in the world that aim to diminish your joy and to distract you from your course,” he wrote on social media recently. “Often times they come in the form of people affectionately called ‘haters.’”

Just to be clear about the topic at hand, the preacher who leads The Potter’s House at One LA and The Potter’s House Church of Denver with his wife Sarah Jakes Robert’s, explained the term “hater.”

“To be clear, a hater isn’t simply someone who disagrees with you,” he said. “From a great thought gleaned from @edmylett, sometimes those we would want to classify as haters actually may not be.”

He suggested that when people try to remove their emotional feelings from a situation, it may help them gain more insight.

“In fact, if your feelings are removed from the equation those could offer insight on how to help increase your excellence, productivity or effectiveness,” the preacher wrote. “A mature person always looks for ways to gain incremental improvements regardless of where the tips come from.”

Still, there are people who don’t make it easy to work through conflicts. The pastor recognized that when suggesting ways to handle them on social media.

“However, there are those who clearly just want to argue, antagonize, disrespect and fight,” he wrote. “Those are the ones that make me praise the Lord for the blessed ‘block/delete’ feature.”

When he is not preaching and sharing wisdom on social media, the pastor is helping to develop a pilot for ABC.  The sitcom is based on how he and his wife have blended their families and will be executive produced by Leslie Odom Jr. and actress Kerry Washington.


(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for BET)