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Jeremy Lin Reflects On Power Of Prayer Ahead of NBA Finals


Weeks after Toronto Raptors guard Jeremy Lin issued a prayer challenge that would last the length of the team’s playoffs run, they have advanced to the NBA Finals.

Lin has been asking people to pray three times a day until the Raptors are knocked out of the playoffs. That has yet to happen now that they are Eastern Conference champions battling it out on the court for an NBA Championship win.

Early in the playoffs this spring, Lin has been encouraging people to follow his lead in prayer where he set aside three moments of his day to connect with God for specific things. Right before the Raptors became Eastern Conference Finals winners, Lin reflected on the moment.

“Seriously this playoff runs been absolutely amazing! So much resilience from this team in every series,” he wrote in an email to digital prayer subscribers. “Keep the prayers going, I truly truly believe God is hearing and answering many of our prayers.”

After praying for a spiritual revival to happen in Toronto, he shared an update about how things have been going.

“One of the things we’ve been praying for is a spiritual revival in Toronto. Last night I had the opportunity to speak to ~3000 people at an event where I shared my faith,” he wrote. “It was amazing to see God moving and opening the hearts of the audience and that seeing many souls saved!”

Throughout the course of the challenge, Lin has been guiding people in specific points of prayer. He shared a reminder of three things that people could be focusing on in prayer.

“That a family member or friend would come to know Jesus or have a breakthrough in their spiritual life. That God would use the Raptors and our playoff run powerfully to build His kingdom,” he wrote. “That there would be a spiritual revival in the city of Toronto, where people are coming to Jesus, social outcasts are being loved, humility is being lived out, grace is being shown and the Holy Spirit performing miracles.”


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