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Introducing Bishop “The Drip” Jakes

(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

There you were, thinking the “T.D.” in Bishop Jakes’ name stood for Thomas Dexter, but on Tuesday the megachurch pastor rocked your world with a new revelation. 

Taking to Twitter, the Potter’s House founder gave new meaning to the initials “T.D.” with a simple caption: “Bishop ‘The Drip’ Jakes.” 

Underneath this succinct caption announcing his new name was a picture of the Bishop in a stylish three-piece suit, looking out into the distance; probably staring down all those who will not approve.

This isn’t the first time the nickname “The Drip” has been associated with Jakes. Radio host Charlamagne Tha God, who has visited the Bishop’s church and regularly listens to his sermons, first gave the media executive the name last year after he appeared in a Versace polo.  

Bishop The Drip Jakes. All this time I never knew what the TD stood for,” Charlamange wrote on Instagram.

Initially, Jakes did not know how to take the moniker given by Charlamange, but he quickly embraced it once he understood that it was a compliment. According to urban dictionary, one definition for ‘drip’ is an “adjective to describe your outfit, similar to swag [or] sauce.” 

Jakes’ outfits definitely have sauce and swag. He regularly appears in high fashion items whether in the pulpit or on the red carpet.  The preaching powerhouse always brings the word of God in style. 

As you can imagine, Twitter had a field day with the caption, with reactions ranging from hilarious to unapproving. Below are some of the funniest reactions.