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HARRIET Trailer Unveils Story of Iconic Woman of Faith

Harriet Tubman was not only a fearless freedom fighter and abolitionist, but she was also a great woman of faith. Now, with the new biopic HARRIET, released by Focus Features, audiences will be able to see how faith shaped the life of this remarkable woman.

In a trailer released today, it previews the untold story of Tubman who is portrayed by Broadway star Cynthia Erivo.  Through the power of God working within her, she manages to trek nearly 100 miles through secret passageways to freedom.  

Believing strongly that chattel slavery was not God’s will, she returned to the south and singlehandedly rescued more than 70 slaves over 19 faith-fueled expeditions. “God don’t mean people to own people,” Tubman passionately states in the trailer.

Although there have been other films depicting her life, HARRIET is the first film to follow Tubman on her escape from slavery and subsequent missions to free dozens of slaves. Her record of “never [losing] a passenger” earned her the nickname ‘Moses.’

According to her friends, her faith in God gave her not only the conviction but also the strength to free so many slaves.

“I always tole God,” Tubman once said, “‘I’m gwine [going] to hole stiddy on you, an’ you’ve got to see me through.’”

The film is directed by Kasi Lemmons (Luke Cage, Talk to Me), and also stars Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr., Janelle Monáe, and Joe Alwyn.

HARRIET opens in theaters November 1. It is the perfect example of a fearless, faithful leader that all people of faith can relate to and admire!