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This Is Why Beth Moore Thinks ‘We’ve Lost Our Theological Minds’

Beth Moore is no stranger to speaking out against evil and injustice.

In a recent series of tweets, she reiterated her message when she expressed the absurdity of believers holding onto their light while refusing to shine it into darkness. 

“We’ve lost our theological minds to think it’s enough for people of light to sit in light, carry the light, show the light, preach the light, podcast the light, but not fight the darkness. It’s like showing up to the ring decked out, belted & gloved, & never throwing a punch.” 

Moore did not focus her tweet toward any particular person or event, but rather addressed issues she sees in the church at large.

“Has the book of James gone missing from the NT? Pure religion, helping orphans and widows in their misfortune. Shunning prejudice if we possess faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Not daring to dishonor the poor. Showing our faith with our deeds. Not slandering brothers & sisters.”

For Moore, followers of Jesus must do like Christ, which is to have a heart for people and doing good.  Believers are not to fight each other; they must fight evil and darkness with their light.

“We do battle against this present darkness and these cosmic forces in this evil age. We wrestle with the world systems they possess that are crushing people. We don’t just sit here being holy. Holiness is love lit with fire from heaven carried like torches into the dark abyss.”

Moore has not always been public with her opinions on church leadership and social issues. However, all that changed after she composed a series of tweets in 2016 during the presidential election, according to her interview with The Atlantic earlier this year.

After her tweets, she quickly transitioned from being a popular evangelical speaker who rarely spoke to the press or publicly critiqued church leadership, to one who freely and opening expresses her criticisms of evangelical culture and politics.


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