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Christine Caine Commits Herself To Help Families Rebuild In Devastated Bulgaria

Christine Caine

Christine Caine is using her time and resources to shed light on one of the most impoverished countries in Europe.

Caine, the Christian speaker and evangelist hailing from Australia, is focusing on helping people in Bulgaria whose homes were destroyed by the government for being built illegally. The popular international evangelist took to Instagram this week to explain why she felt compelled to get involved.

“I have the privilege of loving, serving and meeting many incredible people across this planet, and these Roma Community children from Sofia Bulgaria are some of my very favorite.

Our team has been serving 40 families whose homes were bulldozed and destroyed a few months ago,” she wrote. “These families no longer have water or electricity, and are literally living in makeshift structures on top of the rubble heaps of their destroyed homes. This is not okay.”

Caine revealed how she and her team were committed to help the displaced people in Bulgaria to rebuild their homes and lives.

“We have committed to help them to purchase land, rebuild their homes and provide education, training and life skills to enable them to thrive and flourish because this is what the Church does,” she wrote. “We show up and we restore hope. ‘We make the community livable again’ (Isa 58).”

According to Caine, Bulgaria is the poorest country in the EU and is a major place where human trafficking has taken place. The evangelist said she is emotionally involved in making a difference, and asked people to comment on her Instagram post if they were interested in helping.

“We @zoesofiabg are here on the ground ready to rebuild lives and restore hope,” Caine wrote on social media. “My heart is broken for these people.”

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