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This Is How Heather Lindsey Knew Her Pastor Husband Was ‘The One’

Preacher and author Heather Lindsey is revealing how she knew her husband, Cornelius Lindsey was the man she should marry.

The mother and wife who co-pastors The Gathering Oasis Church in Atlanta, Ga. revealed some of the things that confirmed she should marry Cornelius.

“I really knew that my husband was the one when I realized that he was pushing me closer to Jesus- not away from Him. I was getting better in my emotions, developing more fruit of the spirit, I was more purpose focused, I didn’t want to pursue sin with him because that door was closed from day 1, I felt safe, I felt protected by God,” she wrote on Instagram. “Jesus should never have any competition with your man. Jesus always comes first–He is our foundation for every relationship.”

While it was important for her husband to love Jesus, Heather said there were other important things that she paid attention to when considering things with Cornelius.

“Besides the obvious that @thisiscornelius loves Jesus, our purpose aligned, I’m attracted to him, I believed and respected in him … & then – I saw the above,” she wrote. “The fruit lined up with what I saw. If the fruit doesn’t match (that person talks a good game but their life shows otherwise) – then it may be a reflection of what my life will look like when I’m married to that person.”

In another post, Heather shared a photograph of herself 10 years ago when she was content with being single. She explained her thought process during that time in her life where she focused more on God than the prospect of her future husband.

“I finally enjoyed that season. It was around thanksgiving when this photo was taken and the old me would have been sad that I didn’t have a boyfriends house to visit,” she wrote. “But, I was honestly fine with being single. I wanted God’s will over being disobedient in a relationship that pulled me away from Him.”

Instead of focusing on the fact that she did not have a relationship, Lindsey recalled spending her free time with God.

“I learned in this photo that I was just as valuable without a ring on my finger. I learned that God was using me right here in five different ministries at church, at my job and with my friends,” she wrote. “Although I didn’t know that I would finally connect with my husband two months later, Jesus was all I really needed.”