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DeVon Franklin Shares Ways To ‘Cheat-Proof’ Relationships

DeVon Franklin

There is a way to ensure that infidelity does not happen in your relationship according to preacher, movie producer, and author DeVon Franklin.

Franklin often shares inspirational messages with his subscribers called “Mentor Mail.” This week, he decided to touch on the topic of infidelity.

According to Franklin, it is possible to “cheat-proof your relationship.” He provided three examples of how to do so, starting with acknowledging issues with lust.

“Acknowledge you have lust in you. You need to accept that it’s a part of you,” he wrote. “Don’t feel guilty and stop shaming yourself. You’re human and it’s there.”

The preacher suggested a second way to prevent infidelities in relationships, which starts with making a vital decision about the type of partner you want to be.

“Decide what kind of person you want to be. You have to make a choice: Do you want to be someone who produces pain in someone one’s life because you’ve allowed lust to run your life,” he questioned. “Or do you want to be someone who allows love to be in control?”

The battle to overcome lust is a daily process according to Franklin.

“Put yourself in a daily process of taming lust,” he said. “That includes reading the Word, prayer, having other people in your life that you can talk with, and being aware of environments that might not help you stay committed to the person you want to be.”

Ultimately when two people commit themselves to the process of making their relationship work, Franklin says things like cheating can be avoided.

“When both the man and the woman in a relationship create a committee of one, to work on their issues, to be honest about what’s going on, and to work with one another, it is possible to cheat-proof your relationship,” he said. “But it takes work and commitment.”

Franklin is gearing up to release his new book The Truth About Men: What Men and Women Need To Know in February. However, he is allowing a limited number of people who pre-order the book to receive a paperback advance reader copy right now.

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