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DeVon Franklin Reveals How Father’s Infidelities Impacted Him

DeVon Franklin

DeVon Franklin is opening up about the issues that arose in his manhood after he found out that his father was unfaithful to his mother.

Franklin, the preacher and Hollywood executive who has produced a number of films like Miracles From Heaven got candid about his experiences on Instagram. According to Franklin, he had no idea that his father cheated on his mother until after his parental figure passed away.

The realization impacted him greatly.

“I found out years after my father died that he cheated on my mother. It was a truth that rocked me to my core,” he wrote. “It made me wonder about my own manhood and all the things that I have going on inside me like…if my dad was unfaithful could I be faithful to my wife?”

Franklin has been vocal about being happily married to his actress and producer wife Meagan Good for the past six years. However, his father’s infidelities caused him to question himself as a man.

“Why do I as a man have impure thoughts and urges,” Franklin questioned. “Why do I as a man wonder if I can ever find peace?”

The questions led to the preacher and bestselling author to write his upcoming book The Truth About Men due for a February release.

“These questions and more compelled me to write this book because all men struggle. And many times women are on the receiving end of our struggle,” he wrote. “I believe communication leads to transformation and it’s time to come clean! As men, we can be faithful, we can be the men we were created to be but we have to look in the mirror and do our work.”

Just like Franklin was once hurt by his father’s actions, he explained how many women are affected by the struggles of men.

“… Women, there’s a lot you need to know about how this struggle is affecting you. This isn’t a book about what women need to do to get a man,” he wrote. “If anything this book will motivate the men in your life to step up so they can be worthy of keeping you!”


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