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Bishop Marvin Sapp Reveals 3 Tips For Dating In Church

Marvin Sapp

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Bishop Marvin Sapp is sharing tips about dating in the church on the heels of releasing his book about finding the right partner.

Sapp, the senior pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Mich, shared three tips for dating in the church on Instagram Tuesday. According to the preacher, gospel singer and author, people should never make a commitment to people who they are not in a covenant relationship with.

“Never ever give covenant commitment to non-covenant relationships,” he said in the Instagram video. “If he hasn’t walked you down the aisle there are certain things that you need to withhold until that time comes.”

The pastor told singles that it is important to remember that they are gifted with options in dating.

“What you need to remember is that the greatest gift that you have as a single individual is options. In this season of your life you have options where you can pick and choose who it is that you as an individual want want to remain connected to,” he said. “Don’t release those options until you are absolutely positively ready.”

Sapp’s third tip was aimed at both married and single people.

“If you’re married don’t act like you’re single and if you’re single please don’t act like you’re married,” he said.

The pastor recently released a relationship book called Suitable which is written for both men and women interested in finding their spouse.

“This book is written for men who are at the searching point and for women who desire to be found. I believe this book Suitable will give ideas and guidelines on what to look for in the person who is suitable for you,” a description of the book states. “This is important information for you because this is a lifelong decision.”

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