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Pastor Donnie McClurkin Survives Serious Car Crash

Pastor Donnie McClurkin is expressing his gratitude for being alive after surviving a serious car crash early Wednesday morning.

In a Facebook post, the singer and pastor of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, NY updated his followers on the frightening ordeal.

“Was in a series accident at 12:50am this morning…passed out while driving on the highway. Totaled the car…hospitalized, going through a myriad of tests.”

McClurkin admitted that he does not remember much of what occurred, but he did recall the receiving help from who he calls “two human angels.”  He accredited their act of kindness for keeping him from what could have been a fatal situation.

“Lost consciousness driving…but two human angels followed my swerving car with their emergency blinkers onto stop traffic,” McClurkin wrote. “[they] drove behind me until my car crashed into the middle concrete island. I remember none of it except those two angels pulling me out of the passengers side of the crumbled  TOTALED car…airbags deployed…crushed metal and Fibreglas!! (sic)”

McClurkin, who posted a picture from his hospital bed, appeared somber but grateful to have survived his near death experience. He repeatedly stated “I am alive!” and thanked God and his two human angels for his survival. 

“Somewhat mangled, stitches on left thumb, sprained wrist, hurt knee, but I’m still here! God and two angels saved my life! I owe them…Thank you, Lord…thank you!”

Although McClurkin does not know what caused him to go unconscious, he has had health issues in the past.

Earlier this year McClurkin took to social media to address rumors about his health. After canceling a performance because he was “unable to perform,” he explained that he did not have throat cancer, but pre-cancerous scar tissue on his throat.  He asked for prayers and thanked God for his healing.


(Photo/Donnie McClurkin Facebook)