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Not Your Grandma’s Christian Network

So first you’re wondering, what is an Ambo? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Our name reflects our mission and is rooted in the Christian tradition. In the early Church, the Gospel was read from an oblong structure with steps on each end known as an “ambo.” While some Christian traditions still use the word ambo, the more common name for this structure now is a pulpit.

Ambo’s mission is to bring inspirational live sermons from the most captivating next generation Christian pastors. The word ambo, then, bridges the preaching tradition of the past with the preaching experience of today. And let’s be honest, Ambo TV sounds way better than Pulpit TV (or MustardSeed TV which we were also considering).

So what makes Ambo TV different from the other Christian networks? Our mission and model. The landscape of churches across the country is changing rapidly to incorporate emerging technology and meet the diversity of its members. It is more interactive because pastors are not afraid to be innovative when shaping the worship experience. It’s the same gospel, but presented in different forms.

Ambo TV is a network that highlights this shift in the landscape. We want to create a venue for the next generation of pastors. Less formal, tapped into today’s millennials and just more interesting and fun. These aren’t the pastors you will see on other Christian networks. They are a diverse group of preachers offering 21st century preaching styles.

While we will broadcast compelling live, exciting sermons from pastors across the country, we will not stop there. Ambo TV recognizes that we Christian millennials, do not just want to just hear a sermon, we want to be inspired and engage. We are not satisfied with simply being preached to. We have questions and comments!

That is why in addition to the fun, and even sometimes funny, live sermons, we will have live in-studio discussion about them led by a host, with expert guests and our online community. Think of us as a global “Connect Group” of Christian millennial. Ambo TV provides an interactive space for our audience to provide feedback about each sermon.

For the first time, a Christian network will allow viewers to hear the word from a variety of dynamic preachers, and respond with others across the world in real time. It’s live, unfiltered, inspirational and authentic just like the gospel. If you are looking for new pastors to plug into your playlist of sermons, then you will want to tune into Ambo TV.

As a graduate of both law school and divinity school, being a part of a Christian network that fully embraces faith, intellect and inspiration is refreshing for me. I grew up watching traditional Christian television (yes I was that kid), and I believe Ambo TV builds upon that tradition for a new generation. Ambo will expand the reach of the gospel for the purpose of exciting and equipping the next generation.

Thanks for checking us out.

Brooke Girley, Chief Content Officer Ambo TV