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Yvonne Orji And Luvvie Combine Jesus And Jollof For New Podcast

Yvonne Orji

(Photo : Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Bumble)

Yvonne Orji is joining forces with popular writer Luvvie to share their laugh out loud brand of comedy and Christian faith.

Orji, the comedian and actress whose breakout role was playing a lawyer named Molly on HBO’s “Insecure,” announced her plans for mixing her faith and African culture for a new podcast called “Jesus and Jollof” this week. Luvvie, the author of New York Times Best-Seller I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual gave listeners an idea of what they could expect from the duo’s latest venture which centers around the popular West African rice dish Jollof.

“We’re talking about the things we love, our stories, and life in general,” the author wrote on Instagram. “Why ‘Jesus and Jollof?’ Those are the two things we cannot do without.”


Luvvie has been outspoken about her Christian faith for some time on her Awesomely Luvvie blog. Although her friend Orji plays a promiscuous character on television, the actress has been vocal about using her platform to share her faith with the world.

While some may question how she is able to play a character that does not share her values, the actress explained her position on the matter.

“Even with the role of Molly some people are like, ‘how can you be a Christian and play this role?'” she previously told digital entertainment source Gold Derby. “I don’t curse in real life but for me cursing in a film or a TV show is not a deal breaker for me.”

Orji revealed that her faith is a vital part of her lifestyle much like her Nigerian culture and sense of humor.

“For me, faith [and] Christianity — there’s no separating it for me and my walk. I don’t take my Christianity off,” Orji said. “I’m just me. I love being Nigerian, I love to laugh, and I love Jesus.”