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Young Adult Pastor Shares Kingdom Principles For Leaving Your Job

A lot of working people would not hesitate to leave one job for a new opportunity that pays more. But, this may not be the way to handle things from a Biblical perspective.

Jonathan “J.P.” Pokluda, the leader of The Porch young adult ministry at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, is encouraging people to include Biblical principles in their career decisions. Even if a new job opportunity offers a lot more money, that doesn’t mean it’s the right path to take according to the preacher.

J.P. addressed the topic on his podcast called Views From The Porch. In the episode posted this week called “When Work Isn’t Working,” the preacher and host explained how people can approach career opportunities from a Christian worldview.

“If you’re always asking the question from a Christian worldview, ‘where can I do the most ministry, where is the greatest opportunity for me to bring the most glory to God,’” he said. “Our job is to ask the question why does God have me here and what does faithfulness look like?”

The preacher shared scriptures like Acts 17 and Colossians 3 to back up his points while encouraging people to remember that they are serving God.

“Whatever we do we’re to work at it with all of our heart as though we’re working for the Lord because it’s the Lord Jesus Christ we’re serving, not man. We’re going to receive our reward at the end of this race from the Lord Jesus Christ,” he said. “So what does it look like to work hard for God in our current role? I think you leave when you have a better ministry opportunity or the Lord is taking away a job you get fired.”

Views From The Porch is a podcast aimed at helping people thrive in their 20’s and 30’s. A description of the podcast reveals that it may not be received well by everyone.

“Want to learn every life lesson the hard way,” the description says. “This podcast is not for you.“