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Pastors Host Bible Study At Local Bar

Who says that bible study must be confined to a church building? 

For two Site Pastors of The Mount Church in Olde Town Portsmouth, Va., they are not of that mindset, and have decided to host their bible study in a very unlikely location: a bar.

“Lit After 6” is the name of their weekly bible study held on Thursdays at Roger Brown’s Restaurant and Sports Bar.  According to the church’s website, it is an “out-of-the-box experiences of fun, food, music and fellowship…” This weekly event is the initiative of the church’s senior leaders Bishop Kim W Brown and Elder Valerie K Brown.

In an interview with Wavy News, Senior Site Pastor of The Mount Western Branch Deanneen Goodrich explained,”We are literally going outside the walls of the church and we’re going to the people…” 

Pastor Goodrich believes their unorthodox approach to bible study will be pay off, “…we are believing that there is gonna be a great harvest, because we are no longer going to stay in that limit god with the restriction of a building.” [sic]

For Senior Site Pastor of The Mount Virginia Beach Terron Rodgers, his motivation to host bible study at a bar is similar to Pastor Goodrich.  

He acknowledges that Sunday services are often geared more toward an older audience, and recognizes that this can cause younger audiences to feel unwelcome. “[W]e’re trying to reach that millennial crowd, in a spot like this at Roger Brown’s, where they can come in a not feel intimidated by the atmosphere of church.” 

Pastor Rodgers also emphasized that the church’s motto is its conviction “that church is supposed to change lives…” They believe that change can happen outside of the four walls of a church. 

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