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Meghan Markle’s ‘Longtime Friend’ Sheds Light On Duchess’ Faith


A longtime friend of Meghan Markle is reportedly revealing some details about the Duchess of Sussex’s prayer life.

“Meg is extremely faithful,” the reported longtime friend told PEOPLE this week. “We pray a lot together. We meditate. She has had, and especially has now, a very close relationship with God.”

Last year, the 37-year-old former actress was baptized into the Church of England ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry in May. The prince’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth happens to be the head of the church.

According to the Duchess’ friend, Meghan has an understanding about the value of her relationship with God.

“A deep sense of gratitude and humility has guided her,” the friend continues. “We can still be modern women and feel all the feels with feminism and be strong moms and strong wives but understand that [our] relationship [with God] is so critical.”

The reported friend also defended Meghan’s faith amid rumors about her wanting the St. George’s Chapel sprayed with air freshener.

“I can’t think of anything more ridiculous. If people knew how spiritual she is and how serious and respectful she takes her relationship with God—she would never ask for something like that,” the friend said. “The day after the wedding I said, ‘You were so serene.’ She has a huge loving fondness for Archbishop Welby. She’s like, ‘I’m there, I’m with Harry, I’m with you guys, and I’m with the leader of my church.’ She doesn’t think about the narrative: ‘What will people think?’ She doesn’t do that. She really lives in the current moment. And when you do that, there’s no fear.

Archbishop Justin Welby, the leader of the CofE who baptized and married Meghan, spoke well of the couple ahead of their union last year.

“I am so happy that Prince Harry and Ms. Markle have chosen to make their vows before God,” Welby stated in a Telegraph report. “I wish them many years of love, happiness and fulfillment and ask that God blesses them throughout their married life together.”


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