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Laney Redman Shares Timeline Of God’s Faithfulness

Singer and dancer Laney Redmon has a history with God.

Throughout her life, 24-year-old Laney hasn’t forgotten the times that God showed up in her life. In a post for the Live Original blog, she recounted several times in her life where God came through for her.

“When I was ten, lying in my bed at night, when the light was out and fear would come, you were there. You led me to your word that brought peace to my mind so that I could sleep without fear,” she recalled. “I would read Psalm 3:5 over myself and use your word as my resting place and my pillow… literally. I lay down and slept, yet I woke up in safety, for The Lord was watching over me.”

At the age of 13, Laney said God favored her.

“When I was thirteen and wanted to be in a dance crew that I was not prepared for, you gave me favor and placed me in front of the head choreographer. You gave her eyes to see things in me that I couldn’t see,” she wrote. “You gave me strength, you gave me determination and drive, and you gave me the talent and ability. You qualified me for something that I was extremely unqualified for.”

When she lost her two best friends at the age of 15, God became Laney’s friend.

“Though it was painful and confusing, it was then that I knew you would always be my truest and closest friend. When I was misunderstood, you came to my rescue as my defender,” she recalled. “When I was lonely, you showed me your consistent presence. Even when I made mistakes and fell short of being a good friend, you still called me friend.”

When Laney didn’t want to take a conventional route to college at 18, she says God gave her guidance. At 22, she was amazed to see how God showed up when she moved to a new city.

Now at 24, Laney is more than confident in God’s faithfulness.

“When I look at my life, I don’t see the times I felt scared, confused, lonely, or broken because when you gave me new life, you gave me new eyes. Eyes that see your heart and your goodness,” she wrote. “ I’m in awe of the power you’ve given me through your life, your death, and your rising again. Through you, I have been given dominion over all things.”