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Java For Jesus!


Coffee has become a staple in many people’s lives. Look in their cabinets and you will find, salt, sugar, bread, and coffee.

It’s a before dinner drink, an after-dinner drink, a morning drink, and absolutely an afternoon pick me up. Coffee shops are on every corner, and being a “professional barista” is a career goal for some folks. 

Many of us even fancy ourselves aficionados of America’s favorite drink. You may find us saying things like “these beans were grown on the sunny side of a Hawaiian mountain,” or “this selection is harvested once a year from an active volcano in Colombia.” 

Sounds pretty pretentious right? Such is life. We all want to be the “expert” in the room on some level. 

Well, if you’ve ever felt that there just isn’t enough “faith” in your cup, these Christian Coffee Companies are here to help.

Volcanica Coffee Company is a business with Christian values, and they donate a small percentage of each sale to charity.  

“As a Christian coffee company, we donate 1% of our website sales to charity: water to help bring clean water to the underprivileged. We also pay a fair market rate to our coffee farmers and suppliers,” reads a statement on their website.“Volcanica Gourmet Coffee products are 100% guaranteed. As a Christian coffee company we want our customers to be completely satisfied, if not we will exchange it or refund the money.”

There’s also HOPE Coffee, a company that sources its beans from Honduras. It got its start when founder A.E. Bishop sailed to Honduras in 1896 to spread the gospel. He and his family ended up settling there and starting a coffee company. How awesome is that? 

According to their website, “God has opened doors for HOPE Coffee to connect US organizations with this specialty grade, great tasting Honduran coffee whose profits are used to fuel evangelism through the Honduran church. It is for His glory and the proclamation of the gospel message that we exist!”

With companies like these offering a great product with Jesus and charity in mind, you can drink your rocket fuel and be at peace (until the jitters set in).