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Hillsong NYC Pastor Carl Lentz Calls Out Cultural Negativity

Carl Lentz

Pastor Carl Lentz is urging people to spend more time publicly uplifting each other instead of putting one another down.

The senior pastor of Hillsong New York City who has publicly served as a spiritual guide for people like singer Justin Bieber and NBA star Kevin Durant, shared some of his thoughts about a negative trend while on Twitter recently.

“Tell you what! There are so many GOOD THINGS happening in LIFE, I look forward to a new trend of people rushing to spread good news…,” he wrote. “I will never accept it as ‘normal’ to be a part of a culture that accuses first, disparages first, peddles weak and thin and SALTY gossip first, and facts later…”

Lentz spoke out against people who continue to spread rumors and half truths without ever admitting that they were wrong.

“I will never understand a culture that loves to retweet, propagate, spread half truth rumors FREELY, yet rarely celebrate or endorse clear wins and victories with the same passion…,” he wrote. “We live in a world that will wrongfully accuse and cast judgement LOUDLY, and upon being WRONG, apologize very QUIETLY if at all…I think you should be as LOUD in your RETRACTION as you were with your JUDGEMENT and ACCUSATION.”

After calling for people to  “institute that culture rule,” he suggested that people who feed off of the misery of others do some self reflection.

“If you find yourself THIRSTY for news of somebody else’s pain, mistake or struggle, you need to check yourself,” he wrote. “Use that same energy seeking out ways to help and encourage people. I promise you, it’s better for your soul!”

More than just criticizing people who spread negativity, Lentz celebrated those who uplift others.

“For those that push LOVE, who lift up others, who use wisdom before they speak and champion OTHERS? Thank you,” he wrote. “And may God raise up more people like you! We need more LIGHT in our world. Not more shade.. I have hope this can happen..”


(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)