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Heather Lindsey Reminds New People In Ministry To Be Unique

Heather Lindsey has a message for people who are beginning their journey in ministry and may feel challenged to fit in.

Heather and her husband Pastor Cornelius Lindsey lead The Gathering Oasis Church in Atlanta, Ga. The wife and mother of three made a name for herself worldwide with a Pinky Promise digital ministry for women that has birthed chapters.

Reflecting on how she and her husband first began their ministry, the preacher and author remembered the days when people would try to get her to become a part of a ministry clique.

“ I remember when we first got started in ministry. People would ask us who ‘do we run with.’ Or ‘who is our clique,” she recalled in an Instagram. “We thought – … we don’t have a clique. We don’t try to fit in anywhere.”

For the Lindseys, it was important to focus on the mission of bringing people to Jesus.

“We aren’t trying to keep up with anybody. We just want people to know about Jesus,” she wrote. “We are in our own lane. There’s nobody like Heather & Cornelius Lindsey on this planet and we thank God for that.”

While some people may feel pressured to fit in, Heather cautioned people against doing so.

“If you’re new to ministry, don’t try to fit in with anyone. Don’t try to sing like whoever or preach like whoever,” she wrote. “Be who GOD CALLED YOU TO BE.”


There was once a time when people tried to pressure Heather into preaching more like Joyce Meyer.

“If people don’t see your gifts & talents – it’s ok, God will use them to help someone else, somewhere else. I believe that God keeps us HIDDEN as He develops our character,” she said. “I recall when I first got started in 2010, someone asked me to preach more like Joyce Meyer.  I reminded her that God made me Heather & not Joyce.”

She reminded people how God created them to be unique in their calling.

“So, rock out YOUR perfectly, unique lane. It’s YOURS,” Heather said. “You don’t need to copy anybody or try to get anyone to see your value. You are valued by God and that’s more than enough.”


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