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Engaged Preacher Chad Johnson And Singer Michelle Williams Have A Bible Devotional

Michelle Williams

Preacher Chad Johnson and gospel singer Michelle Williams are using their platform to share some Biblical insight about their engagement on the popular YouVersion Bible app.

The couple created a five-day video devotional plan where they share five principles that helped them form the foundation for a lifelong relationship that will bring glory to God. On the first day, the couple highlighted Amos 3:3 while speaking about the importance of having the same vision as a couple.

“As far as all the foundations and various pillars of our relationship, vision is one that we definitely want to talk on. Are we going the same way,” Michelle said, posing the question in the devotional video. “Are we seeing the same thing for our relationship?”

Her husband-to-be backed her up with the message about vision.

“You have to date long enough and communicate long enough to understand does that person have the same desire to set their eyes, their heart, their life’s direction in the same direction you’re going into,” the preacher said.

On day two, the couple focused on fun while discussing Proverbs 17:22 which states, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

“When you don’t have fun and you’re worried about the pressures of everything it can really zap out the joy,” Michelle said.

The third day of the devotional focuses on staying close together while examining John 14:17-18.

“In dating and building a healthy foundation I think it’s so important that as a Christian couple you don’t just leave a person out there to figure it out,” the pastor said. “I’m going to come alongside you and you’re not alone in dealing with the stuff that’s super tough for you to deal with. We’re going to work this out.”

Day four focuses on taking your time on the road to marriage while the fifth day and final day features the preacher and singer speaking about the importance of receiving Godly counsel. For more information about the Bible devotional “Building A Foundation With Chad Johnson And Michelle Williams,” click here.


(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)