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Christians Are Skaters Too!

A once shamed sport, relegated to “losers” and “stoners,” skateboarding has exploded in popularity over the past few years.

No longer are skaters ruining your freshly painted curbs, or newly installed handrails (for the most part). They now focus on the camaraderie skateparks offer. These parks have sprung up across the United States like CVS pharmacies that seem to be built overnight. No one knows how they got there. They are just there.

With the 2020 Olympics swiftly approaching, we will also see the introduction of skateboarding as a medaled sport. The USA has already chosen the team of skaters that will represent us in the games.  

For the women’s team, Jordyn Barratt, Bryce Wettstein, Brighton Zeuner, and Nicole Hause will represent team USA as our park competitors, and Mariah Duran, Jenn Soto, Alexis Sablone, and Lacey Baker will represent for street.

The men’s riders will be Louie Lopez, Jagger Eaton, Chris Joslin, and Nyjah Huston for street, and Alex Sorgente, Tristan Rennie, Tom Schaar, and Zion Wright for park.

While some may have hang ups or pre-conceived notions of skate culture, they should keep in mind that some of skateboarding’s pioneers are devoted Christians.

Steve Caballero, for instance, is one of the founding fathers of freestyle skateboarding, and a true believer in Jesus Christ.

In this interview with MSSkate Ministry, Steve talks about living godless, becoming a Buddhist, but still feeling unfulfilled until he found Jesus.

Christian Hosoi was once the #1 Skateboarder in the world. That all ended when he fell victim to addiction and eventually landed in prison. In an interview with the 700 Club, he talks about how his faith walk with Jesus saved him from a life of self-destruction.

But not all stories are comeback stories. Groups like Christian Skaters are ministering God’s word through Skateboarding! Their mission statement explains their ministry:

“Christian Skaters exists to connect local skate communities to Jesus. We are a global family of skateboarders who are dedicated to living out our faith, sharing the hope we have in Jesus Christ and discipling skaters in God’s Word.”

The skateboard community is all inclusive. People aren’t turned away from hanging out and gathering together for a session. Whether Black, White, Asain, Hispanic, male, female or otherwise, everyone is welcome at the skatepark; even the Christian.