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Chris Durso Says This Is Why Ego Leads To Fall Of Christian Leaders


Ego and leadership don’t mix in the kingdom of God, according to Pastor Chris Durso who is reminding us why.

The preacher who is a leader at Christ Tabernacle Church in Queens, New York, took to Instagram to remind people why “ego is not your amigo.”

He began by pointing to Isaiah 42:8 which states, “I am the Lord; that is my name; my glory I give to no other.” Durso said that with his position as a preacher and Christian, there is no room for ego.

“As a Christian and Preacher I am not able to successfully live this life trying to carry both the message of Jesus and my ego. 1 of them has to go, and the answer here is obvious,” he wrote. “The Gospel has no room for it, and makes no allowances for it.”

Durso points to the Bible’s encouragement to believers that they should renew their minds daily as a reason why our ego must go.

“This is why Paul encourages us to die to ourselves daily,” he said. “And daily to put our mind on King Jesus.”

He illustrated how many Christians have missed that mark, falling short because they stopped focusing on Jesus. This is a trap that many Christian influencers fall into.

“Sadly so many Christians have seen ‘great heights’ of influence and then have fallen shortly after,” he said. “The reason why this happens is because somewhere along the way they stopped focusing on Jesus and started to rely on themselves. It’s a very luring trap, but a trap nonetheless.”

While it is great when a Christian can grow in influence, Durso expressed the importance of growing more aware of Jesus.

“As our influence grows as believers, our hunger and awareness for Jesus must grow all the more greater,” he said. “Only one is designed to be glorified and none of which are us.”


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