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Can These 7 Questions Help You Navigate Gray Areas In Christianity?

For believers, some areas in life are not explicitly discussed in the Bible. However, some young adult preachers are sharing a few questions that may help people navigate the gray areas in their faith walk.

Jonathan “J.P.” Pokluda, the leader of The Porch young adult ministry at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, released an episode on their Views From The Porch podcast called “When There’s No Verse For That.”

On the show, Pokluda revealed seven questions that were inspired by pastor and author John MacArthur to help people make good decisions in their faith journey.

“A lot of the decisions we make the Bible doesn’t specifically speak to and are considered ‘gray areas’ of scripture,” a description of the show reads. “How do we discern what God would have us do in specific situations?”

Pokluda believes one question people should ask themselves when faced with a decision is, “will it benefit me spiritually?”

“Will I grow spiritually if I go to this bachelorette party or if I date him? Or if I go there or if I buy that,” the preacher said. “This comes from 1 corinthians 10:23.”

Another question Pokluda encouraged people to ask themselves when faced with decisions is, “will it bring bondage?”

He cited 1 Corinthians 6:12 while explaining what it means to be in bondage.

“So often what I see in young adults is they want the freedom to do something that they don’t have the freedom to stop doing,” he said.

Some other questions that Pokluda offered people who are making decisions that aren’t clearly outlined in the Bible are, “will it hurt my body, will it advance God’s kingdom, will it violate my conscience and Will it bring glory to God?”

The pastor expressed the importance of wanting to glorify God with decisions.

“I think God can be glorified in anything that we do other than sin. If it’s not going to glorify him then its sin,” he said. “It becomes really binary. We don’t want to dishonor the Lord with our actions.”