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Benjamin Watson Helps NFL Players Find Faith In Free Agency


Benjamin Watson knows about the roller coaster emotions that come along with being a free agent in the NFL all too well. Even though he announced his retirement recently, the legendary tight end is sharing some faith-based words of wisdom with the men who are navigating those emotions right now.

On March 13, free agency officially began in the NFL. A number of athletes were traded and released from teams, leaving them to adjust to abrupt change.

Watson described the feelings that he has experienced when going through those changes firsthand.

“In free agency, the excitement of a new challenge is often coupled with the realization of a season of life now in the rear view,” he wrote on Instagram. “Emotions run the gamut as goodbyes turn to hellos.”

Still, Watson encouraged people with the fact that some great things have happened in his life as a result of entering the free agency market.

“As tough as they have been at times, my life has been enriched by the new relationships forged because of these uncomfortable and sometimes unwanted moves,” he said.

While these abrupt career changes may not always make sense to players, Watson believes it is all a part of God’s plan.

“The journey doesn’t always make sense at the time but the people, places and even the problems along the way are part of a sovereign plan,” he said. “As much as I hate change, my life has been characterized by this constant that has in turn introduced my family and me to people we may have never known but now could not fathom living without.”

By walking in faith, Watson believes that God can help people walk more boldly in whatever season they are entering into.

“In faith, Walk boldly through whatever doors God opens for you,” he said. “He will meet you on the other side.”


(Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)