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Almost Half Of Christian Millennials Aren’t Feeling Evangelism


A new study reveals that a large number of Christian millennials do not have strong convictions about evangelism.

The study called “Almost Half Of Practicing Christian Millennials Say Evangelism Is Wrong” is revealing that 47 percent of Christian millennials believe that it is wrong to try to convert someone of a different faith to Christianity. In comparison, only 27 percent of Gen X Christians that were polled felt the same way along with 19 percent of Boomers and 20 percent of Elders.

David Kinnaman, the president of Barna Group, stressed the importance of evangelism in a climate where many young people are fleeing the faith.

“To start, we must pass on resilient faith to Christian young people (this is also a form of evangelism), planning especially for the pivot point of the high school and college-age years,” Kinnaman said. “The dropout problem is real, and it has a chilling effect on the overall evangelistic environment. It is impossible to exactly trace the impact of lapsed Christians on non-Christians, but sobering to consider the ‘de-evangelistic’ clout of those who leave the faith.”

He spoke about getting the young adult generation on board with wanting to share their faith with others.

“Even after they are committed to sustaining resilient faith, we must persuade younger Christians that evangelism is an essential practice of following Jesus,” Kinnaman said. “The data show enormous ambivalence among Millennials, in particular, about the calling to share their faith with others.”

In a world where a lot of people are more concerned with sparing the feelings of others more than their Biblical convictions, Kinnaman explained why evangelism is needed more than ever.

“Cultivating deep, steady, resilient Christian conviction is difficult in a world of ‘you do you’ and ‘don’t criticize anyone’s life choices’ and emotivism, the feelings-first priority that our culture makes a way of life,” As much as ever, evangelism isn’t just about saving the unsaved, but reminding ourselves that this stuff matters, that the Bible is trustworthy and that Jesus changes everything.”