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6 Great Christian Books on Marriage and Relationships

If you love each other, then shouldn’t the relationship come easily? Well, not actually.

Relationships, like anything else of value in life, require time and effort. Whenever people come together, whether romantically, as friends or family, maintaining that relationship in a healthy way will take work.

The reason for this is simple. No matter how alike we are, we are nonetheless separate people with different needs, desires and perspectives from which we view the world. And those differences are bound to cause tension at some point. What makes or breaks a relationship is how you handle the tension.

This list of six books offers great biblical advice on how to successfully navigate the ups and downs of relationships.

1. Swipe Right: The Life-and-Death Power of Sex and Romance — by Levi Lusko

Sex and romance are powerful forces in our life. In Swipe Right, Lusko underscores how they can be a matter of life or death, and why we must engage in them properly. He offers wisdom on a range of topics from regret-proofing your marriage, talking to your kids about sex and how to treat sexual scars. “Whether you’re fed up with dating and hooking up as usual, tired of being single, numb because of porn and casual sex, or curious about how to improve your marriage, this book is for you.”

2. The Five Love Languages — by Gary Chapman

You and your spouse may love each other, but how you love each other may not be the same. In this classic book on relationships, Chapman suggests that there are five love languages, or five ways in which people show and receive love: words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, gifts and touch.  This book is a great tool for improving all your relationships. You can even discover your love language with the test included in the book.

3. The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life — by DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good

DeVon Franklin is a preacher and Hollywood producer known for films like Breakthrough and Meagan Good is an actress who has played in a wide array of films since childhood. Together, they have authored a book that gives an honest and open look at their courtship and marriage. Along the way, readers gain great insight into what makes a good relationship. The biggest key, for them, can be summarized in one word–waiting.

4.Boundaries — by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Maintaining proper boundaries is critical for healthy relationships.  When we allow others to cross them, the outcome is often disastrous.  In Boundaries, Cloud and Townsend offer sound advice that will cause you to reevaluate your boundaries, as well as provide tools to help you firmly adhere to them. If you find it hard to say “no” or if you are always bailing someone out of their problems, then you probably need to read this book.

5. The Meaning of Marriage — by Timothy and Kathy Keller

In 1991, Rev. Tim Keller preached a nine-part series on marriage that has become one of his most popular sermon series (you really should listen to it here).  This book, which he co-authored with his wife Kathy, comes from that widely popular sermon series.  Intended for “everyone —Christians, skeptics, singles, longtime married couples, and those about to be engaged…” it creates “the vision of what marriage should be according to the Bible.”

6. Four Things Women Want From a Man — by A.R. Bernard

It may be tempting to read the title and think “what does a man know about what women want.” But if you stop there, you’ll miss out on some profound wisdom. Bernard has been offering counseling and advice to couples for over 40 years, and he’s been married for nearly the same amount of time. This book is the result of his many years of experience and is geared toward both men and women.  He outlines how women desire maturity, decisiveness, consistency, and strength from their men.  This is a must-read for anyone considering marriage.