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4 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Amish

In some ways, the Amish are the OG’s of Christianity. They have managed to hold on to their core beliefs and traditions for two centuries in America without conforming to the broader culture. 

Although we have all heard of the Amish, most people are not very familiar with this Christian sect. In the spirit of understanding, here are some facts about our Amish friends.

1. Do the Amish Use Technology?

No, and yes. There are many different Amish church groups in the U.S., and their acceptance of technology varies. It is also important to note that the Amish see a difference between using technology versus owning it.

More traditional groups called ‘Old Order’ generally do not permit technology or telephones in their homes. By restricting access to things like television, radio, and telephones, the Amish are better able to keep the modern world from intruding into their home life. However, they may allow for limited use of these technologies.

More progressive churches like the Beachy Amish groups accept technology, like television, cellphones, and cars.  

2. Can the Amish Create a Music Group and Be the Next Jonas Brothers?

No. Musical instruments are not allowed by the Old Order community. Playing an instrument is considered “worldly.” It is contrary to the spirit of humility because it is “seen as avenues for self-expression which call unnecessary attention to the individual.”

The Amish do sing church songs come from the Ausbund, the High German songbook, which has no musical notes.

3. Do the Amish Get to “Go Wild” Once in Their Lives? 

Not quite. Rumspringa, which means “running around,” is a time in an Amish youth’s life starting around 16 when he or she goes through a more formalized process of deciding to join the community.  During this period, they are permitted to explore the world.

Contrary to what has been portrayed in film and tv, the adolescents are not encouraged to break the tenets of the faith but are given the free choice to make their decision. Typically this process is used to find a marriage partner and includes tame activities like going to the local movie theater or driving lessons.

4. Do the Amish make their own clothes? 

Yes. Although they will buy fabric from non Amish retailers and outlets. 

To discover more information on the Amish community in America, visit their website http://amishamerica.com/amish-state-guide/.