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‘Jesus: His Life’ Commentator Explains How Diversity Impacts Series

One of the most exciting parts about the new History Channel series, “Jesus: His Life” would have to be its diversity.

Rev. Shively Smith, a commentator in the series who also serves as an assistant professor of New Testament at Boston University School of Theology, spoke to Ambo TV recently about the diversity found in this series.

“I think I walked away intrigued, and really animated quite frankly, by the way in which the story of Jesus is told in a way that is true to the gospel accounts while also being very much informed by the larger historical context,” she said. “To have that storytelling and information being shared by this sort of a wide array of [diverse] scholars, faith leaders and historians that are across the spectrum in theological and ideological locations is phenomenal.”

The series features actors who contribute to the reenactment of the life of Jesus along with commentators who give context to each scene. For Smith, having a diverse panel of commentators from different races, genders and backgrounds contributing to the dialogue allows people to witness Christ from various perspectives.

“You really do get to see Jesus from so many different perspectives both that are in the gospels but also from among us today, among our faith leaders, among our communities, among our historians,” she said. “You get to see all of our different faces and different voices. And I think that that is what has ignited me and excited me so much about the project.”

Aside from teaching theology students about the new testament, Smith is also an itinerant elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church where she serves as resident scholar at the historic, Metropolitan AME Church in Washington, DC. You can catch her on the new History Channel series “Jesus: His Life” on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET.

Check out a clip from tonight’s episode below:


(Photo: History Channel)