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Yvonne Orji Credits Jesus For Her First Home

Yvonne Orji

Yvonne Orji is giving God all of the glory after she recently became a new homeowner.

The Insecure actress shared an image and video of herself signing the deed to her new home on Instagram. Orji credited Jesus for turning her trying financial times into a testimony.

“I still can’t believe I’m a homeowner! 4 years ago, I was buying groceries from the 99cent store… and now,” she wrote. “Jesus. HE TURNED IT!”

Orji also thanked her realtor for meeting the very specific desires that she was looking for in a home.

“God dun’did it again!!! Coming thruu in a MAJOR WAY! I am a VERY specific person (most times) and want exactly what I want, and that can be challenging for some people… but not Ikem,” she wrote. “I gave him a housing wish list that was bout fifty-leven items long and told him that was the bag I was giving God (and him) to fill…and y’all… through faith and (lots of) patience… WE INHERITED THE PROMISE!!!” (sic)

In true Orji fashion, the actress ended her post with some humorous hashtags that included her plans for worshipping God.

#YouFeelGrownAsCrapWhenYouGotAmortgage,” she wrote. “#ImGonnaUseThatAsMyExcuseForEverything

Throughout her career, Orji has been vocal about her faith and even has a podcast called Jesus & Jollof with Nigerian writer Luvvie Ajayi. On the podcast, the actress revealed that she didn’t even have enough money to make it to church at one point in her life.


“I said ‘God if you want me to volunteer at the church I need gas money.’ And there was some times where I only had enough money to get to church or to get to the Bible study,” she revealed. “I was like, ‘God somebody is going to have to bless me with money to get back.’”

The actress received the blessing that she needed.

“Each time somebody on Facebook would be like, ‘hey God put it on my heart to give you $200 in your Paypal,’” she said. “I promise you.”


(Photo : Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Bumble)