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Want To Understand The Bible Better? Listen To These 6 Teaching Pastors


Studying the Bible is not always easy. Let’s be honest, some passages are just hard to understand. I’m still not sure what Matthew 11:12 is talking about.

That is why it is always refreshing when teaching pastors use their sermons to breakdown particular biblical passages to add clarity. If you find yourself wanting to delve deeper into the Bible but don’t know where to start, don’t fret. Ambo TV has complied a list of teaching pastors that make studying the Bible a little easier.

Dr. Tim Keller:

Dr. Tim Keller is the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, based out of New York City.  Redeemer is a church that welcomes skeptics and those who have questions about Christianity. Dr. Keller does not shy away from the difficulties that come with faith.  His sermons reflect his desire to address these concerns head on.  Although, Dr. Keller retired from full time preaching in 2017, his sermon archive is extensive.  You can go to Gospel In Life to download free sermons as well as purchase others.  I recommend starting with the series on Proverbs or his sermon titled “Work and Rest.”

Pastor Brett Fuller

Pastor Brett Fuller is the Senior Pastor of the multi-ethnic Grace Covenant Church in Chantilly, Virginia.  He is also the chaplain to the Washington Redskins.  Pastor Fuller delivers powerful sermons that are engaging and insightful.  Like a griot recounting historical information from memory, Pastor Fuller sits on a stool, and with little to no notes, offers in depth biblical teaching.  You can watch his sermons on Grace Covenant Church’s website. I recommend listening to his current series, “Faith To Move Forward.”

Pastor Riva Tims

Pastor Riva Tims is the founding and senior pastor of Majestic Life Church in Orlando, Florida.  Her preaching prowess has allowed her to preach the gospel on many different platforms from pulpits to television.  Through the use of entertaining metaphors, explanation of etymology and exegesis, she makes the bible more accessible to her listeners. Her sermonic style leaves one feeling informed and encouraged. You can catch some of her sermons on youtube, or follow her on facebook.

Pastor Robby Gallaty

If you are a note taker, then you will enjoy Pastor Robby Gallaty’s sermons.  He presents the gospel in a manner that allows you to digest complex information easily.  At times, one almost feels like they are in class, especially when he requests audience participation.  I would recommend starting with his sermon “A Desperate Situation That Leads to a Divine Appoint: Never The Same.” You can listen to more at Long Hollow Baptist Church’s website.

Pastor James Roberson

You may not know about The Bridge Church, but you will soon.  Under the leadership of Pastor James Roberson, this Brooklyn-based congregation is growing rapidly.  One of the reasons for its growth is the dynamic teaching by Pastor Roberson.  His ability to analyze and explain the Bible makes him a pastor worth listening to.  His series on the book of Revelations is a testament to that. You can listen to it and more at The Bridge Church.

Pastor Charlotte Gambill

Pastor Charlotte Gambill is one of the lead pastors at Life Church in UK.  This author and pastor likes to delve deeply into a text to uncover truths we may have overlooked.  By using real world illustrations and humor, she explains biblical principles in very relatable manner.  Her preaching has afforded her international recognition.  You can find listen to her sermons on youtube and at Life Church’s website.