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Travis Greene Urges People Not To Search For Identity In Social Media And Ambitions

Travis Greene is reminding people not to seek their identity in things other than Jesus Christ.

In a message posted to Instagram this week, the Grammy nominated gospel singer and senior pastor of Forward City Church in Columbia, S.C. urged people to stop looking to things like social media to define who they are.

“Our only source of Identity is Christ, lets stop searching for identity in sex, social media and ambitions. The equation for our value was given on the cross, 3 nails + 39 lashes + 1 innocent man = Your Value to God,” he wrote. “Let Jesus be the center of it all. Our salvation came at the ultimate price, which we can never repay. For that, God deserves our worship always #engageculture #churchinthewild #TravisGreene.”

Greene has been using the hashtag “engage culture” for some time and previously opened up about what that means to him in a Respect Magazine report. He revealed that culture has to do with the “rhythm of a generation” when it comes to things like music, clothing, art, food and philosophies.

When it comes to engaging the culture, Greene spoke about the importance of confronting it.

“It is confronting culture and not dissing everything about culture and finding things to appreciate it but at the same time the things that we don’t, I don’t necessarily agree with, instead of complaining or confirming to it, I confront it and move upstream and engage up in it,” he said. “For example like, so many of the things have been going on, in the world, in the country, from the last year to the education systems, police issues, law enforcement issues, so many different things. Instead of being someone who is just like you know, I hate this and I don’t want to do that like what if I, get involved, and inspire millennials to be the change.”

He later added, “that’s what I’m trying to do with #EngageCulture.”

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for 2016 Essence Festival)