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This Worshipper Shares Key To Finding Unique Sound

Rick Pino has been inspiring people with his worship music for over a decade, now he is sharing how other people can find their sound.

Pino is the founder of the Heart of David Worship Center in Austin, Texas which unites musicians globally to help them lead others in ushering in the spirit of God in and out of church. After being asked about how he creates new sounds in worship, Pino took to Instagram to share some advice.

“Worship family… I get asked all the time, ‘how do I get the new sound?’…. my answer is always the same. The ‘new sound’ isn’t necessarily a new instrument, a new pedal or the newest, coolest software,” he said. “And I know many will be surprised to hear that the ‘new sound’ doesn’t necessarily come from heaven either.”

For Pino, authenticity is key.

“The ‘new sound’ is AUTHENTICITY,”he said. “When sons and daughters release their authentic, indigenous worship on a banjo or through software or any other way, the authenticity that shines through their expression will always be relevant!”

While some people may be inspired by the style of some well-known worshippers, he cautioned people against doing that. According to Pino, it is vital for people to stand strong in their individual sounds.
“You’re not going to be the next ‘so and so’…you’re going to be the first YOU,” he said.  “Don’t just copy others, release YOUR sound and song.”

With his Heart of David movement, Pino unites musicians, artists, intercessors, families, entrepreneurs, worshipers, and missionaries.

“We are passionate about seeing Jesus glorified through day and night worship that leads to the societal transformation of cities, regions, and nations,” a description of the HOD organization says on its website. “Every year, people come from all over the world to attend HOD internships, schools, summits, and conferences.”