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This Preacher Didn’t Let Brutal Injury Keep Her From Son’s Baptism

British pastor Charlotte Gambill didn’t let anything get in the way of witnessing her son’s recent baptism–not even a gash on her face that led to a hospital visit.

Gambill is a preacher and author who leads LIFE Church in England with her husband Steve. When their 13-year-old son made the decision to get baptized recently, the mother pushed past her own painful experience to be a part of it.

In a telling Instagram post, Gambill explained her eye injury.

“Today was a journey. The day our 13 year old son decided to get baptized,” she wrote. “He had thought about it for a long time and wanted to make the decision in his own time. We had planned this moment of baptizing him and so when I was out running this morning, my fall was not part of that plan.”

The cuts from the fall turned out to be pretty severe.

“As the last picture shows, I fell and it was a bad fall. Face on concrete and eye cut wide open,” she wrote. “I found myself on the road bleeding. My only thought, I am not missing that baptism. So made it to (the) hospital with an hour to go before service.”

The pastor found herself crying with the thought that she would miss her son’s baptism. However, a fellow believer encouraged her at the hospital.

“I told the lady I needed to get to be with my boy. I cried and said I’m not crying with pain, I am crying as I don’t want to miss this moment,” she explained. “She said, ‘then you won’t.’ She was a believer and had seen all her kids baptized.”

Gambill was able to make her way from the hospital to the church to take part in the baptism of her son. The pastor used the moment to remind people to push through tough times.

“She rushed me through, they glued my eye back together and I went straight to church and got to be there with my boy. Sometimes the only way through is to push through,” she said. “Focus on what you know matters and you will find the strength to deal with what seeks to interfere with what’s important. Today we baptized Noah Brave, black eye and all.”

The preacher made it clear that she would not be missing any of her upcoming speaking engagements either.

“…When I head to preach in London I may have the biggest swollen eye you have ever seen but hey who cares, what matters is I can still speak! I hurt my eye but my teeth are still intact,” she said. “So Devil no way not today. Don’t mess with a mama on a mission.”


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