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This Pastor Says He’s Not Angry With Robbers Who Stole From Church

Instead of being angry at the people who broke into his church, Pastor Jerry Back feels empathy.

The pastor of Community Haven Church in Middletown, Ohio says a long list of things were stolen from the place of worship earlier this month. In a Facebook message, the church announced the terrible turn of events.

“Our church was broken into… Still inventorying what was taken,” the Facebook message states. “The list is already long. Appreciate prayers as we try to make sure we can get what we need for Sunday services.”

Among the stolen items were microphones, guitars and boosters which added up to an estimated $2,000, according to WCPO reports.

When the pastor found a syringe inside of the place of worship, he felt heartbroken about the lifestyle that some people feel compelled to live. Instead of being angry at robbers, Back said he has been frustrated.

“There was no anger,” Back said. “It was more frustration, annoyed because I knew we had to replace everything and get it going by Sunday.”

Replacing all of the stolen items has not been easy for the church since the preacher said it’s been difficult to account for everything that has gone missing.

“We started noticing all kind of small things,” Back said. “The coffee pot we use for Sunday morning, so many odds and ends it’s hard to say.”

In spite of the unfortunate events, the pastor insisted that his church will continue to worship God.

“It doesn’t matter what happens here,” Back said. “We’re going to keep praising God and see what he has and if he can turn it around for something positive and I think he already is.”

Community Haven Church is currently accepting donations to help them replace their stolen items. For more information, please click here.


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