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This Pastor Has High Expectations After Church Burns Down

One pastor says he has high expectations for God after a six-alarm fire caused $1 million worth of damage to his church.

Much of the Holy Mount Zion Church in Boston, Massachusetts has been destroyed in a fire that began at 4 a.m. Saturday. Pastor Eustace Osborne Jr is believing that God will provide his church with another home to worship.

“I hope everyone has high expectations that something good will come next,” Osborne said in a Boston Herald report. “God has a way of opening doors and he will give us a place to go. This is his church so he is obligated to help us and I‘m not saying we won’t pursue anything, but I believe soon he will find us a home.”

Osborne questioned what God was up to, but he remained faithful in the plan of his creator.

“I wonder what God was doing then, burning that building,” the pastor said. “Thank God the price wasn’t a life, it was just a building.”

One firefighter did sustain a leg injury while fighting the fire that took six hours to contain.

The weather didn’t make things easier since it was a mere 9 degrees, causing the water used to quell the flames to turn into ice in the areas surrounding it.

Even though the building that they used to worship God burned down, the pastor and members came together for church on Sunday at another location. He encouraged his congregation to believe that blessings were on the way.

“It’s what was God attempting through that tragedy,” Osborne said. “So we have to keep faith through this, God is going to bring something good out of it.”

Nancy Lumpkin, a member of the church, believed that God was indeed moving through the tragedy.

“We are faithful,” said  Lumpkin. “We know things happen, but God works out things for the good.”