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This Is How Sadie Robertson Handles Being Roasted

Sadie Robertson

People get picked apart for public speaking and Sadie Robertson knows that struggle all to well. That’s why the speaker and author who created her own Live Original motivational tour is encouraging people to push past their fears of being made fun of to pursue their calling.

“If you do something that involves people in any capacity you ‘risk’ getting in the center of the roast. I put risk in quotations, because I feel like being picked on, made fun of, or roasted is something we are probably ALL going to face in life no matter what we do, so it’s not a far-fetched risk, it’s more of a fact,” Sadie wrote in an Instagram message. “I say that not to be a downer, but to say don’t let the fear of being roasted stop you from doing something you feel excited about doing! There are literally YouTube videos out there with hundreds of thousands of views of me being roasted and picked apart and hundreds of comments about how annoying I sound when I talk.”

Sadie admitted that the jokes and criticism from others aren’t always easy to ignore. Still, she doesn’t let them stop her.

“Does that hurt me? If I’m being honest, because I’m human sometimes it does sting a little, but I don’t let that little sting stop me from doing something that I love doing and using my voice in spaces that God has opened a door for me to speak,” she said. “You also don’t want a group of people that are choosing to point out the worst qualities in you to shut you up from speaking to the people whose lives will be changed from hearing from you. So, to all of you with a desire in your heart but a fear of being roasted, I say GO FOR IT!”

She drove her point home by telling people to go for their goals in the face of criticism.

“ If the negative comments come then they come, but don’t let that sting stop you from doing what makes you, you,” she wrote. “And certainly don’t let it quiet your voice!”


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