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The Expectation of Suddenly!

I have got to say that the Word of God is true! Our Beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ, does not lie and never has. When He makes a promise to you, no matter how long it takes BELIEVE!

Believe Him!

Right now I am in the ‘spring’ of my life! I am seeing the fruit from seeds planted YEARS ago growing and budding and I am beyond humbled and filled with an overflow of joy and thanksgiving!

It is in these moments that ‘suddenly’ has joined me at the table. Suddenly the trees where naked and the ground wore its usually winter-green dress and suddenly, the scent of cherry blossoms perfumed the spring air and the ground beneath our feet became as decorated as an intricately woven Persian rug!

Suddenly. The definition of the word is simply, “quickly and unexpectedly.”

Our Savior has a beautiful way of ‘suddenly’ showing up in the midst of darkness and storms, walking upon the waters (MT. 14:22-33), suddenly walking among flames of fire that should have consumed you but causing you to walk with Him (DANIEL 3), suddenly opening the womb of a woman at ninety and blessing her with a child she had longed for with the spoken I.O.U that lasted twenty-five years (GENESIS 21).

Suddenly, at the right time being born of a virgin to bring the free gift of grace and salvation to ALL who would believe (GALATIANS 4:4-6).


Suddenly is not on the horizon, friends. Suddenly is now!

So to anyone who has been waiting on Him to fulfill a promise that has taken longer than you’d hoped to manifest, KEEP TRUSTING! Keep your lamps trimmed and your oil ready. You are about to enter the bridal feast.

Here are some scriptures to keep you going on your way to suddenly:

Habakkuk 2:2-3 -Remember the vision and the Word He has given you is for an ‘appointed time’. Timing is everything, but knowing what awaits you come harvest season is worth it.

James 5:7-8 tells us to be like the farmer who waits patiently for his fruits to receive the former and latter rains before it is reaped. Then once you have waited and the time comes.

Remember Song of Solomon 7:13 The mandrakes are sending out their fragrance, all kinds of choice fruits are at our doors, FRUITS BOTH NEW AND OLD, my darling, WHICH I HAVE KEPT IN STORE FOR YOU.”

Our Savior and Father, Christ Jesus, has GREAT things in store for you! Keep waiting and trusting and suddenly you will reap.

Be encouraged in Jesus’ Name because waiting on Him is always worth it and Happy are those who wait on and trust in Him!

~Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

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