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Tell Them I Love Them: The Most Everlasting of Loves

“The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.” ~JEREMIAH 31:3

This message is simple. It is not full of scripture or analogy. It does not use metaphors are large words. However, it is the most Powerful message of all.

Not only that, but as we embark on what is supposed to be the most romantic months of the year, and yet, one of the most lonely, I feel compelled to share this with you.

Many years ago, as I meditated in prayer and waited for the LORD to send me a Word to share with the Body of Christ, I kept hearing Him say, “The Word will come.” Actually,  I had been waiting and praying for a word for quite some time and He continued to give me the same response. “The Word will come.”

When the Word finally did come it was so compelling and again so simple that I had no choice but to open my eyes and ask Him, “This is the Word?” to which He responded, “Yes, I want you to tell them that I LOVE THEM.”

 “I love you,” Says the Lord…” ~MALACHI 1:2a

What more is there to be said? In the condition of our world and the condition of our hearts as a result of the pressures that life has put upon us–the Children of God–what is more assuring than to know that He, Christ Jesus, loves you?

As His eyes go forth throughout the world He sees your heart and needs and what He has seen is your need for reassurance, that He loves you.

I recommend that you read all of Psalms 136 but (Psalm 136:22b-23) says, “…for His grace continues forever; who remembers us whenever we are brought low, for His grace continues forever;“.

He looks at us. He REMEMBERS us. He sees that you have needs. He sees that you may have been brought low. Some of your hearts have been broken by our current conditions and, yes, you may still have faith and believe that He will bring you through but for some of you, the truth is you (we) have grown a bit weary.

And for those who fight with tenacity this good fight of faith, there is no shame in growing tired. We are human and He knows that. But He wants you not to forget and to be reminded that HE LOVES YOU.

When you run for a long while you need to sit and take a breather, but as you breathe, rest in His arms and rest in the assurance that HE LOVES YOU.

Isaiah 54:10 says, “The mountains may disappear, and the hills may come to an end, but MY LOVE WILL NEVER DISAPPEAR; My promise of peace will not come to an end.” Says the LORD who shows mercy to you.

His love will never fade for you nor will it disappear, not even when you are weak; not when things don’t look how you expected them to, not even when you feel like you have failed Him. His love will never disappear.

“See what love the Father has lavished on us in letting us be called God’s children!” ~I JOHN 3:1a

We are His Children and He is a faithful Father who loves without condition and loves you freely. HE LOVES YOU!

First John 4:10 says, “Here is what love is; not that we have loved God but that He has loved (loves) us…”

Sometimes when life has us down we lash out not only at each other but at our Heavenly Father. We begin to blame Him for all the ‘wrong’ that is in our lives. Despite all of that, because He is a just God, He continues to love us. Even when we don’t love Him as we should HE CONTINUES TO FAITHFULLY LOVE YOU.

Romans 8:37-39 says, “…in all these things we are super-conquerors, through the ONE who has loved (loves) us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life neither angels nor other heavenly rulers neither what exists nor what is coming neither powers above nor powers below nor any other created thing will be able to separate us from the LOVE Of GOD which comes to us through the Christ Jesus our Lord.

When you have the time take a look at verses 31 -39 but for now just focus on the fact that no matter what is happening in your life, no matter what the enemy may be trying to throw at you, no matter what you may see or even feel at this moment, HE LOVES YOU!

And as it says in Isaiah 54:10, peace is yours forever…so if you have lost it let Him restore it. Be honest about your heart’s condition and go to Him as your Father because He loves you and wants to take care of you. Let Him bandage whatever wound you may have with His love.

“Nevertheless, the Lord your God would not listen to Balaam, but the Lord your God turned the curse into a blessing for you, because the Lord your God loves you. You shall not seek their peace nor their prosperity all your days forever.” ~DEUT. 23: 5-6

Though the world may be trying to curse you and break you down to nothing, He will not take heed to what the world wants for you, instead, He is going to bless you in His LOVE and With His love. He is not listening to what the enemy or world is saying about you because HE LOVES YOU.

So as this message or letter comes to a close, let the WORD take root in your heart; in the core of your very being, and know that HE LOVES YOU. Whatever you are going through is going to change for the better because you are His child and He loves you. He has not abandoned you and He will bring you through…Be encouraged.

EL AHAVA LOVES YOU…Forever, Amen! (The God of Love)


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