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Start with Confidence: Start Here pt 3

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of reading an article that introduced the concept of ‘dual idealism.’ Now, because it was so long ago I can’t quite remember which publication it was that I read nor if the phrase they used was ‘idea-ism’ or ‘idealism’, but for the sake of this moment, I am going to fly with ‘idealism.’

What the author of the article was addressing was the anxiety that many authors of fiction face when they have come up with a completely organic and original idea for a story plot, only to find out that someone else, on the other side of the world has been working on a project that sounds similar if not exact!

What the author of the article wanted to drive home was that even though there may be similarity in thought that personal design makes each interpretation solely unique.

When we are given an idea or vision from God and we embark on our faith journey to see it made manifest we too can find ourselves facing the same concerns that fiction writers face.

The Lord gives you an idea. You begin to run with it, but then suddenly start to see others with the same concept taking to the world stage.

You begin to second guess your practice, wondering if you should quit, or you become defensive and think that someone else has stolen your idea.

My advice is that you should shed both of those ‘boots’ and begin to walk in different thinking shoes.

Here are some things to consider. 

1. Dual Idealism or Idea-ism is real! No matter how you say it!

Thomas Edison was not the only person to think up electric lights. He was simply the one who ended up being successful in his pursuit.

2. You will begin to see around you what your mind is most set upon. 

Have you noticed that before you purchase a particular car that you previously were not aware of how many copies of that car were already on the road? Of course not! It is when you buy that red Honda Civic sedan that all of a sudden the roads and parking lots are filled with them.

Here is the thing, those cars were already on the road. You only began to notice them when you purchased one of your own. Just like with your idea that is unique and original to you, you only begin to see similar concepts because you are now focused on your own.

3.  There is room on the dance floor for you as well, especially if you remain authentic in your practice.

How many brands of spaghetti can you find at a single supermarket? How many different brands of sliced white or wheat bread? There are many and all of them have their place and their audience. So do you.

Just like with cars, there are millions out there, some seemingly just like yours. Most everyone wants a car, but not everyone desires to have the same car…so create the ‘car’ you are imagining.

In the end and especially at the beginning of your journey, start with confidence.

Be confident that:

    • If God gave you the idea, He has given it to you for a reason and has also given you your ‘tribe’ and or ‘audience’ who need what you are producing.
    • Your idea will be unique in many ways to those that, on the surface, seem similar in design.
    • This idea and dream is worth the effort it will take to start. And if the Lord Jesus has called you to it He will enable you to do it!

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Candice Coates is an author, blogger, and contributor to Ambo TV. This article originally appeared on her website