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Sarah Jakes Roberts Explains Why You Should Watch Your Words




You can’t change your life if you don’t change your language and Sarah Jakes Roberts is reminding us why.

On the caption of an Instagram video with her preaching, the co-pastor of The Potter’s House At One LA is reflecting on the power of language.

“Looking back on this moment at @trinitymiami and thinking of how often we want our lives to change but our language stays the same,” she said. “Before you can see it you’ve got to speak it.”

The preacher explained the importance of speaking positive words over yourself.

“Your situation doesn’t have the power, you do,” she said. “When your mouth begins to reflect the destiny God has for you, you and heaven come into agreement about what MUST happen on the earth.”

The wife of Pastor Toure Roberts and daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes gave some examples of how she will speak life over herself.

“I can’t afford to allow my own words to undercut my vision any longer. I will not be bitter,” she said. “My marriage will prosper. I will not be angry”

She continued to speak life over herself while explaining why.

“I won’t barely make it. I will produce generational wealth,” she said. “I will forgive. My business will prosper beyond anything I can imagine. My life is not random it’s anointed to make an impact.”

She encouraged people to tag an accountability partner to help them speak life over themself.

“I want to pray that God begins to give you the language that will pave a way to the person God has ordained you to become,” she wrote. “Tag an accountability partner who will remind you of your language change and let’s start creating an atmosphere for our miracle.”

According to the preacher, negative words can act as prophecy.

“Don’t let your friend/family prophesy death over their life,” she said. “Remind them of the resurrecting power they have in their mouth!”


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