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Sadie Robertson Says God Helped Her Work Through Dyslexia Challenge

Sadie Robertson

(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Sadie Robertson is a bestselling author, blogger and motivational speaker who recently discovered that she was dyslexic after struggling with reading and writing her entire life.

In an intimate Instagram post, Sadie is sharing details about the challenging learning disorder which she believes God has helped her work through. Sadie explained the struggle that she couldn’t fully understand for most of her life.

“Reading has always been a struggle. [In] 4th grade my teachers noticed & tested for ADD. I got headaches when I read so in 7th grade got my eyes tested, but had 20/20,” she revealed. “No answers, but still a struggle. I avoided reading at all cost.”

Sadie was able to get by with years of online lessons, audio books, and making up songs to help with memorization. However, it was not until her family realized how much she was struggling that she decided to take an online test which determined that she had a learning disorder.

“I thought this was crazy -how could I be 21 and not know I’m dyslexic? So i took a test… 100 percent. Um no way … so I took another test… 100 percent,” she revealed. “The only time I’ve gotten 100 on a test and it was a test for dyslexia. This made everything make sense in my life, but doesn’t change anything.”

For most of her life, Sadie had no idea why she had such a hard time reading and writing. However, she did know that God helped her overcome each challenge that came her way as a result of her dyslexia.

“God’s been my teacher and my strength in the areas of life I would [have] run. I’ve learned wisdom from Him and found my study methods and rhythms from Him,” she said. “Sure, there are challenges and it can be hard, but there’s nothing I can’t do in Him. There is nothing that you lack, but some things in life you will have to work at and search for and find in Him.”