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Religious Leaders Call For Peace Amidst Bomb Threats To Politicians


Law enforcement arrested Cesar Sayoc, Jr. on Friday Morning for his involvement in mailing at least 12 explosive devices to politician and other well-known public figures.

While many speculate about Sayoc’s motivation for sending the packages, two religious leaders, who are also the children of late, great religious leaders Billy Graham and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., have decided to use this event as a chance to call for greater unity and peace in the nation.

Franklin Graham:

Pastor Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham and a well-known conservative, saw these attempted acts of violence as a reason to work for greater civility and unity.  In a series of tweets, Graham expressed his shock and sadness about the targeting of those who typically are on the opposite end of the political spectrum as himself. 

Graham tweeted, “We were all shocked & saddened as former @VP44 @JoeBiden, actor Robert De Niro, former @POTUS44 @BarackObama, former Secretary of State @HillaryClinton & others were high profile targets of suspicious packages containing possible pipe bombs this week.”

He also expressed his belief that differences in political views do not justify violence.

“Disagreeing with someone’s politics or their stand on issues doesn’t justify violence, harassment, or intimidation. We can argue our points passionately, but with civility. And we’re blessed to live in a country where we can let our voice be heard in the voting booth.”

Graham concluded by reiterating the importance of prayer.  He called his followers to pray for our leaders, and for healing; emphasizing that only Jesus can heal hate.  

 “This is another reminder of how important it is to pray for our leaders & for healing for our nation. Pray for all those targeted in these recent acts. Jesus Christ is the only one who can heal hate in a human heart—He’s the answer for each person, our families & our country,” Graham stated.

Bernice King:

Min. Bernice King, the youngest daughter of Dr. King and CEO of the King Center, also took to Twitter to express what she believed to be a troubling political landscape. 

On October 24, when explosives were mailed to recipients that included President Barack Obama, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Former CIA Director John Brennan, she implored her followers to continue the work for peace.

“A spiritual, cultural and systemic shift is happening in America. As it happens, overt violence is coinciding with violent rhetoric. Work for true peace, not false peace. As my father stated, “True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.” #MLK,” King wrote. 



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