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Pastors Are Praising Gospel Artist James Fortune’s New Book

James Fortune

A number of high profile preachers are rallying together to support gospel artist James Fortune with praise for his latest book.

This week, Fortune released Destiny Derailed: How to Get Your Life Back on Track by Leveraging Your Past and Repurposing Your Pain into Power. In it, the Grammy nominated  gospel artist opens up about how he was able to turn things around after assaulting his ex-wife in what became a public scandal.

Even though Fortune’s marriage fell apart, he did some extensive work to redeem himself both personally and professionally. Now, his self help book is helping others overcome similar hardships.

“Destiny Derailed is a self-help memoir designed to empower every person who has been knocked off course, experienced loss, let themselves down, or thought that a situation they’ve experienced disqualified them from God’s promises,” a description of the book on Amazon states. “Through this honest journey of healing and restoration, biblical truths, and spiritual encouragement, you will gain new perspective of life’s derailments and be reassured that God is not yet done writing your story. Destiny Derailed will help you leverage your past by repurposing your pain into power.”

A number of pastors are publicly supporting Fortune’s latest project including Pastor John Gray from Relentless Church in Greenville, S.C.

“Instead of hiding in the shadows, James most effectively ministers from the broken place and disarms devils by pointing the finger of responsibility at the one where it all began–himself,” Gray wrote, according to the Destiny Derailed website. “Let this work bless you and teach you the most valuable lesson of all: saying yes to God DOESN’T eliminate your frailties-it simply gives God permission to get glory out of them.”

Pastor Kim Pothier from Church of the Harvest in Fayetteville, Ga. also had great things to say about Fortune’s book.

“This book is so full of healing. James literally poured out of a beautiful place of transparency,” she said. “By the time you are done, you will be walking in complete healing! Forgiveness will set in, and shame will be completely gone.”

For more information about Fortune’s latest book, click here. 


(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Stellar Awards)