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Pastor Nearly Shot Preaching NYE Service

What began as gunshots fired to usher in 2019 resulted in stray bullets almost hurting a pastor and drummer during their New Year’s Eve church service.

About 300 people gathered at Ramp Church in Fort Worth, Texas on Monday night for the ‘watch night’ service. Pastor Evan Risher was on hand to preach those people into 2019 when something unexpected happened at 11:40 p.m.

A stray bullet came through the ceiling and the preacher was immediately rushed off of the stage by armed security guards.

“When they rushed me off the stage and checked the premises they found this bullet on the stage,” Risher said in an NBC DFW report. “It hit right here about two feet behind where I was and about two feet in front of our drummer.”

While the preacher recalled being scared by the commotion, he returned to the stage where something else unexpected happened. Members of the congregation did not flee the scene.

Instead, they decided to celebrate the miracle of life that seemed even more precious after the night’s events.

“It’s kind of ironic to call a moment like this a special moment,” said Risher.

While the pastor is refusing to let the incident stop him from continuing to preach at his church, he admonished the types of new year celebrations that lead people to shoot guns aimlessly.

“It shook me, but it didn’t break me,” he said. “There has to be another way to have fun, to bring in the New Year.”

The preacher still has the bullet that came into his church and could have taken his life.

And whenever I’m ever having a day where I’m feeling ungrateful,” he said. “I’m going to remember the value of life.”

Despite the recent shooting, Risher still maintains his strong desire to preach in the Fort Worth community.

“I believe wholeheartedly that God called us to this area of Fort Worth,” he said.


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