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Pastor Cornelius Lindsey Says This Is Why You Should Be Decisive


Pastor Cornelius Lindsey is calling for people to make up their minds.

The pastor of The Gather Oasis church in Atlanta, Georgia is suggesting that some people may not be getting their hearts’ desires because they do not make up their mind about what they want.

“Maybe your issue isn’t your environment, your potential or your support system. Possibly, quite possibly, your issue is your unwillingness to make up your mind,” Lindsey wrote on Instagram. “God said it, so make up your mind about it. It’s righteous and you want it, so make up your mind to go after it.”

According to the preacher, things can begin moving forward once people make up their mind to make that happen.

“You want something better than what you’re in now then make up your mind to pursue it. If you need to get your relationships right then make up your mind to do it,” he wrote. “You have not because you ask not, and you’re not asking because you’re unsure if you really want it. You haven’t made up your mind about it yet. Do yourself a favor and make up you mind today.”

For Lindsey, it is hard to change the thoughts or direction of someone who has their mind made up.

“I used to spend my time trying to convince someone who’s made up his mind. I’ve since stopped because it’s nearly impossible to change someone who’s convinced himself what he’s going to do,” he said. “Instead, I encourage whenever I can, pray for the person(s) and stay close by to assist if the person ever decides to reverse his decision”

He drove the point home by explaining just how much people who make up their mind are able to accomplish things.

“When you make up your mind to do something, there’s really nothing that can stop you,” he said. “I’ve witnessed people in seemingly impossible situations succeed because they did something others around them didn’t do—make up their mind.”


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