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Pastor Chris Durso Calls Out People Being Petty About Blessings


Pastor Chris Durso is revealing why God won’t bless people just to spite their haters.

The pastor of Christ Tabernacle Church in New York City’s Glendale, Queens is sharing a message on Instagram about God not wanting people to use their blessings against their enemies. The preacher gave two good reasons.

One is that God is not petty, unlike many people.

“He’s not petty….we are,” he wrote. “Which is why we can make the focal point of a blessing about the people that didn’t believe in us or aren’t for us.”

Instead of wanting to use some of His people to spite others, Durso reminded his supporters that God loves everybody.

“He loves ALL PEOPLE. So why would we think that He’d hurt someone He loves,” he wrote. “Isn’t He all loving?”

The preacher challenged people by questioning why God would want to use the gift of a blessing to hurt somebody else.

“Why would He need to hurt someone else just to bless you? Isn’t He all powerful,” he questioned. “…Why would He feed a spirit of superiority when that’s the exact spirit Jesus combats through His ministry on earth?”

Durso called for people to stop this selfish way of thinking.

“Let’s not reduce the Gospel in order to feed our obsession of a superiorly shallow self-serving life-style,” he said. “NOW will God bless you? YES. Will everyone be happy about it? NO but this is not that.”

The preacher explained that the will of God is to be a blessing for all people.

“God blesses us so that we can bless people – all of the people,” he said. “Even those who hate us, who don’t look like us, and don’t believe like us or behave like us. He loves ALL people and desires that ALL people would love Him.”


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