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Not Just Favored, But the Favorite

It’s God’s deep desire for us to know who we are to Him.
We are the dreams from His heart that He brought to life, we are not just inheritors of all His promises and blessings, we are not just in a covenant familial relationship with almighty God; we are more than that. Each one of us is His favorite.

In case you are questioning your place with Him today, or maybe you just don’t know what you are to Him or your place in His heart, I want you to know that there’s nothing He does not know about you, there’s nothing that is hidden from Him.

He does not view you from your frame of reference, He sees you from His, everything you’ve ever been, and everything you will be, He sees. He treasures every moment you’ve made Him proud, and He cheers you on when you are struggling.

He has never been passive toward you. No matter what you have seen or what your frame of reference has been, I want you to understand the truth that God has never been passive toward you. Through every part of your life, pain, and joy, He has been there. If you cannot see how, ask Him to show you. He has cried over you and laughed with you. He has pet names for you and dreams for you.

No matter what acceptance or rejection you have received in your lifetime, He is willing and waiting to use everything that’s ever happened to you for a good purpose and He is waiting for your permission to begin the process of restoration with you.

That is the God I know, the One who treats me as His favorite every day. This is the God I want everyone to know, God the Father.

Our lives begin to transform when we live from the right perspective and begin to understand who we are and who He is. Our perspective on everything changes as we understand the kind of love that our Papa God has for us and the type of family love and closeness He wants us to understand is available to us.

Our choices, our relationships, our faith, everything about us is transformed when we begin to live with the right perspective, that He is good, and that He loves us.

That we are not just favored, it is not enough to know that we have the rights of a son and daughter, but that each one of us is His favorite, and that as His children, we are forever the recipients of His endless love.

Briana Lassiter is a wife, mother, blogger, and contributor to Ambo TV. This article originally appeared on the website