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Millennials Make New Book For Christian Creatives

Two millennial creatives are fusing faith and art in a new book that they hope will impact other like-minded believers.

Brian Chung, 30, and Bryan Ye-Chung, 25, are co-founders of the Alabaster Co, which released a creative Bible with photography that would fit in perfectly on Instagram feeds and coffee tables.

Now, the pair are releasing a new book called “All That Is Made,” which they describe as being closer to a devotional for artists and creatives.

“Humans are creative—it is embedded in the fabric of our being, and a reality that reflects being made in the image of God. Millennials (and those who come next) are generations that move closer and closer to this creative, entrepreneurial reality,” Ye-Chung told Fox. “We have become a society that values design, invents new things, consumes large amounts of visual media, and has given everyone access to a camera and tools for making.”

The business partners are describing their new book as a fusion of art and faith that reveal things that they have learned on their journey through life.

“In the midst of these realities, we must ask how do we show that the Gospel is beautiful? As we move into a more creative culture, we believe millennials are looking for new ways to express their worship of God, and we believe that it will be through our making of good and beautiful things in the world” Ye-Chung said. “This book is a guide to faith and the creative life.”

The hope for the new project is that other people will be fearless in using their creativity to make the world better.

“We hope this book encourages readers to be fearless in their creative endeavors, to be thoughtful in the things they make, to grow in their creative practice—and, in turn, help make a more good and beautiful world,” he said.

For more information about Brian Chung and Bryan Ye-Chung’s Alabaster Co, please click here.